Pressure Welder Mobility

Anywhere anytime


Program Description

The technical details contained in the program meet the minimum requirements of ASME Section IX related to welders testing and qualification ranges. Additional essential variables and administrative provisions have been incorporated which are necessary to allow for the mutual recognition of performance qualification records between jurisdictions and contractors and to allow the continuity of individuals to be updated by different contractors located in any participating jurisdiction.

Individual pressure welders that elect to participate will be validated by the jurisdiction where they reside and will receive a Mobility Identification Symbol (MIS) upon review and acceptance of their credentials. Once the MIS has been issued the welder will be eligible to challenge one or more of the Uniform Performance Qualification tests. If successful the record of the test will be uploaded to the database, and it will be available for the welder, contractors, and jurisdictions to view.

When deployed through the mobility system a pressure welder utilizing the standardized qualification(s) may have their qualification(s) updated by participating contractors. Pressure Welding Contractors and Authorized Welding Test Centres may voluntarily join and enjoy the advantage of reviewing the database to determine the availability and status of pressure welders and the processes they have been tested, allowing the contractors and test centres to arrange for pre-authorization of individuals by the jurisdiction before mobilization of the pressure welder to a job site. Participating contractors will also play a role in the ongoing maintenance of records for each pressure welder employed by them using the program so that of pre-authorization may be permitted on an ongoing basis without the need for practical testing.